I got NEET rank – 286

Hello everyone. Myself Ajay.

I had given NEET – 2017 this year and got rank – 286. I got selected in Government Medical College, Chandigarh. As we know nothing is impossible if you really work hard. I would suggest the aspirants to not follow the methods that toppers are adopting, instead I would suggest that they create their own plan and follow the same. I suggest them to focus and be determined with their preparation strategy. I mainly focused on NCERT books and revised the concepts which were taught by teachers in my institute. Coaching is necessary as there is a lot of competition nowadays. I have also taken coaching classes at A-One Bio Institute sector 40, Chandigarh. My parents and teachers have helped me a lot to clear this prestigious exam. At last, I suggest the aspirants to work hard and focus on their concepts.


I scored 100 marks in Chemistry

I scored 100 marks in Chemistry exam in 2015 CBSE 12th board. Here is some advice from my side:

Chemistry is the easiest subject as compared to Physics & Mathematics. NCERT is more than sufficient to score good marks in Chemistry. Make your concepts clear and do practice all the NCERT intext questions. Make notes containing formulaes of each and every topic. Since Organic Chemistry is more time consuming, so in Organic Chemistry reactions, conversions, distinguishing tests and questions on identifying compounds A, B, C, D, E based on some chain of tests are important. Lastly, revise each and everything everyday. GOOD LUCK.

How to score perfect 100 marks in Biology?

Scoring full marks in biology is not a very big deal if you have the determination and if you work sincerely. Biology is really an easily scorable subject.

  1. Just follow the NCERT text book. Understand the topics well. Consider NCERT like a holy book. You should remember each and every line the textbook.
  2. Take help of reference books like , Trueman, Pradeeps biology, etc., only if you are having doubts about a particular topic, or take help of your concerned teacher. Mehak ma’am always helped me out with any doubt I had.
  3. Remember to go through the previous year questions, they are really helpful. You get an idea of what kind of language and format is required for a particular answer. I solved "exam idea" for biology which had a variety of questions.
  4. Writing sample papers and model exams too would be extremely beneficial. Set up a timer and solve the paper as you would do In the examination Hall. This way you could easily learn to manage your time.
  5. When you write the exam be careful to read the question properly, as in biology board exams careless mistakes are also common . Again, you should be THOROUGH with the ncert.

These are some of the few things you need to really care as far as biology boards are concerned. All the best!

Anushree Bansal (2016-2017)

Tips to clear NEET exam with good rank.

Mansi sharma 2017 batch Topper: There is nothing more important than being consistent with your efforts. One should keep trying no matter how much you score… This is probably what I did. Be persistent. What is being taught in the class should be on your tips till the next class. This way you develop strong concept and this also helps you practice enough questions. Always try to solve the necessary questions of your module side by side along with the topic that is going on. Never wait for the chapter to get over… Especially for PHYSICS.

And another important thing is that you keep on revising the previous work. The syllabus for these two years is vast and you should keep yourself familiar with all the concepts to avoid confusion in the end.

NCERT should be like a Bible to you people for study… Doing NCERT again and again is what is the key to score higher in biology and other two subjects too.

Well you all must try to be cool at your mind during study. Do not stress about things and go about it systematically

Try to keep smaller achievable targets for a day. When you’ll complete those… It will boost your enthusiasm and will.

And always strive to keep on improving your own performance and improve your absolute score instead of comparing yourself with your peers. This will help you guys. Stop wasting your time. Use your day wisely. Please don’t keep studying a single subject the whole day. Switching between two subjects helps a great deal.

Mansi Sharma

I got selected in Guru Gobind Singh Medical College

Hello everyone, Myself Shilpa. I had given NEET-2017 this year and got selected in Guru Gobind Singh Medical College Faridkot. I would suggest aspirants to focus on basic concepts and try to avoid cramming. I suggest them be determined with their preparation strategy. I mainly focused on NCERT books and revised the concepts which was taught by teachers in my institute. I had also taken coaching classes at A-One Institute Sector 40 Chandigarh. I owe my success to have listened respectfully to the very best advice. My parents and teachers have helped me a lot to clear this exam. I gratefully thanks to them. I suggest aspirants to work hard, focus and never give up.