Chandigarh based A-One Bio institute is the leading institute for competitive exams coaching like IIT-JEE coaching (Main + Advance). The institute is led by the director Dr. Mehak Arora who believe that A-one Institute is an organization directed towards “uplifting academic aspirants”. We believe because of the certain changes in the IIT-JEE exam patterns, students need planned and systematic approach towards the exams and we aim to provide the comprehensive study materials with proper guidance and quality education.

Keeping abreast with the latest developments

We want to keep abreast with the latest IIT-JEE coaching technologies, so we offer comprehensive courses for IIT-JEE and follow a systematic approach. Our curriculum and study material consists of in-depth understanding of the theoretical concept and practical representation. Each faculty member of A-One Bio Institute is highly qualified, possess deep knowledge and has years of experience in the field.

Regular & doubt clearing classes

We focus equally on the doubt clearing classes and are scheduled regularly for the assistance of our students.

Smart & Advanced Study Material

In order to provide the in-depth knowledge to our students, we provide smart study materials which have been designed according to the IIT – JEE Pattern.

Smart Tests

For the practice of our students, staff conducts periodic test on regular intervals through which they can evaluate their individual performance.

If you are planning to prepare for IIT-JEE entrance examination, why not get in touch with us?